December 23, 2020

Why CEOs are Pursuing Higher Education in Digital Marketing

By B&SC Blog Team

Why CEOs are Pursuing Higher Education in Digital Marketing

In the US, more than eight of every ten people access the internet regularly, according to eMarketer estimates , and 79 percent of them often do so with mobile devices. Nearly 70 percent of internet users regularly use social media, and three out of four consumers state that social media influences their buying decisions. These facts make it clear that digital marketing is vital to connecting with consumers. For this reason, many CEOs are seeking higher education levels in the digital marketing professionals they hire.

The importance of digital leadership

Today’s CEOs are placing a high priority on effective digital leadership for their companies. That means they are looking for stellar qualifications in their digital marketing teams, especially when it comes to management-level positions, and here’s why:

Research done by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Digital Business (PDF) shows that companies that have embraced the digital revolution, investing in technology-enabled initiatives and the development of strong digital leadership capabilities, are 26 percent more profitable than their average industry competitors. Meanwhile, companies that have invested in technology-enabled initiatives, but not in leadership capabilities, have seen revenue increase by 6 percent, but profits drop by 11 percent.

What that means for digital marketing professionals is that credentials are a bigger priority today than they were during the early days of digital marketing. It isn’t as easy for a self-taught marketer, no matter how skilled, to break into the industry or climb the career ladder as it used to be. Today’s employers want to see that candidates for employment or promotion are invested in success via their pursuit of a well-rounded and advanced education in their field.

About Digital Marketing Education

Digital marketing courses available today range from diploma-level programs to graduate and post-graduate courses. Where to start your education depends on where you are in your career.

If you are already in the field, you will likely find that your best place to begin is one of the several degree-level programs available for gaining career-advancing credentials. If you are just starting out, a diploma-level course may be your best first step, since these programs offer a broad foundation of basic marketing knowledge and skills that will qualify you for entry-level positions in the digital marketing field. With that foundation, you can then move on to higher-level courses to gain the credentials you need to move up the career ladder.

An associate degree program in digital marketing provides the more in-depth knowledge and credentials needed to move beyond entry level in today’s job market. A Bachelor degree program offers a combination of business and digital marketing knowledge and credentials to qualify you for a move into management. Earning a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing or a Master’s in Business Administration with a Digital Marketing specialization can prepare you for a top-level position in a digital leadership role.

Given the ever-rising demand for well-qualified digital marketing experts, the time and money you spend in pursuing higher education is bound to be a wise investment — one that will pay off in better career advancement prospects and greater income potential.

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