December 23, 2020

Who Should Learn Digital Marketing?

By B&SC Blog Team

Who Should Learn Digital Marketing?

What kind of person is cut out for a digital marketing career? That’s a question that many people ask when they are considering whether or not they want to learn digital marketing. To answer that question, one of the first things you’ll want to know is what employers in the field are looking as they make hiring decisions. Is it all about the education, skills, and credentials, or are there other factors that you should be aware of as you evaluate your career potential?

There is an emphasis on having the right education, skills and credentials in today’s job market. However, there are also certain personality traits that employers look for in choosing candidates for their digital marketing teams.

Traits of successful digital marketers

Fresh Egg, a multi-national digital marketing firm, provides a good account of what employers look for in terms of desirable personality traits in digital marketing candidates. Their list includes:

  • Creative – Creativity is essential to a career in the dynamic field of digital marketing, ensuring your ability to recognize opportunities, test new ideas and think of creative solutions to problems.
  • Adaptable – Technology is constantly evolving, as are marketing techniques. Being able to adapt to these changes quickly is necessary to success.
  • Self-assured – While projecting assurance about your own abilities is important to inspire the confidence of coworkers and clients, so too is being careful not to cross the line into over-confidence or arrogance.
  • Collaborative – This is crucial to becoming part of a team of talented digital marketing professionals. This means that you’ll need to be sure that you have cultivated good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Motivated/Enthusiastic – Employers want candidates with passion. Make a point of learning everything you can about the industry, showing a genuine enthusiasm for digital marketing. A strong personal online presence also shows that you’re passionate about the digital world, and is something that most employers look for in potential new hires.
  • Dependable – As in any field, digital marketing employers want workers they can depend on to show up, do their best work, honor commitments and meet deadlines.

Digital Marketing Education: Acquiring your career skills and credentials

While those personality traits are important to a success, so too are technical skills, a well-rounded education in digital marketing, and the credentials you’ll earn via that education. All of these can be acquired by completing digital marketing courses.

For a relatively quick career launch, you can learn digital marketing basics with a diploma-level digital marketing course, which will give you a well-rounded foundation in fundamental skills and techniques. Passing one of these courses will give you the qualifications you need for an entry-level marketing position. Once you have a foot in the door, you can further your education, moving on to a degree-level digital marketing course, which can be done via accredited online courses to make balancing work and school easier.

Via these courses, you can earn an associate’s degree, which provides the skills and credentials you need to move past entry level as a qualified digital marketing professional, or a bachelor’s degree, which can provide the career skills you need for managerial positions.

So who should learn digital marketing? Anyone interested in a career that keeps them on their toes and willing to invest in the career skills they need to make it happen.

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