December 8, 2020

Find Recruiters Who Get What You Do

By B&SC Career Services Team

Find Recruiters Who Get What You Do

When you’re working with recruiters, it really helps if they already understand your industry, your job title, and the nature of the work that you do. (To put it bluntly, they can sell you better to a potential employer if they understand what they’re selling….) That means you need to find a niche recruiting firm or recruiter who specializes in your field, rather than one of the generalist companies that do placements for all industries. The following free directories of recruiters will help you find the ones that are likely to work best for your particular area of interest:

Career Portal Online Recruiters Directory Directory of recruiters and search firms, but with limited interaction – you can submit resumes to participating recruiters, but not click through their listings for more detailed contact information. However, this information is fairly readily available with a bit of online research.

Net-Temps Staffing Agency Directory Listings Free directory of recruiters searchable by keyword or browsable by location or specialty.

Recommended Recruiter According to this Top Echelon Network resource, the recruiters listed on the site “possess an average of over 15 years of experience, have earned high-profile industry certifications, belong to state and national associations, won numerous awards, and earned various accolades.” Searchable by keyword and location, with profiles and areas of specialization for each recruiter or firm listed.

Recruiting Life > The Career Seeker ( Resource provided by the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) to connect job seekers with recruiters appropriate for their needs. All recruiters listed are NAPS members; the database is searchable by firm name, state, or professional specialization. And don’t forget to search LinkedIn to find a recruiter  as well: go to the Advanced link next to the Search People box, type “recruiter” in the keyword or title box plus your area of specialization, then your zip code into the zip code box. LinkedIn will return a list of recruiters whose profiles and company pages you can check out for recommendations and to see where they’ve placed previous clients. If you like what you see, reach out and make that connection!

About the Author: Acclaimed Career Coach, Kim Dority is a frequent presenter for Bryant & Stratton College Online. Dority is an information specialist, consultant, career coach, published author and adjunct professor at the University of Denver in Colorado. She has written extensively on career development for students and new graduates and is a frequent presenter, lecturer and panelist on career-related topics. Kim’s areas of expertise include professional branding, career transitions and career sustainability.

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