April 1, 2019

How Completing a College Certificate Program Can Boost Your Career

By B&SC Blog Team

How Completing a College Certificate Program Can Boost Your Career

If you are at a point in your career where you are considering additional education, whether it be an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree, you may be hesitant to commit the time or money. But there may be another option you haven’t considered—a certificate. You can complete a college certificate program in nearly half the amount of time as a bachelor’s degree, and flexible certificate options often allow students to work while they further their education. Plus, career training certificates can be used to demonstrate a person’s expertise in a specialized area to future employers.

Typically the programs are shorter and less expensive than traditional programs, but there are still a number of ways a certificate can boost your career. Here are a few reasons you should consider this path for your professional life.

It allows you to specialize

If you’ve already started a career, you likely have the basics down that allow you to work in the industry in general. However, by completing a career certificate program, you can gain more intimate knowledge of a specialized area. This expertise can give you an edge over others in your field, who may only have a foundational knowledge. Perhaps you have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Obtaining a certificate in a specialized area of accounting can help you hone certain skills, like tax preparation, which can be an asset to your resume. Even if you don’t have a formal degree, obtaining a certificate demonstrates a certain level of training and understanding that is appealing to employers.

It will give your résumé a boost

Adding a certificate to your résumé automatically gives it a bit of a boost. If you’ve earned a certificate in addition to a bachelor’s degree, not only does the certificate demonstrate your capability, but also your motivation to learn new skills and pursue different avenues. These additions can help your résumé stand out from competitors.

It can launch a new career

The goal of completing a certificate program doesn’t necessarily have to be moving forward on the path you are currently on—it could also help you start an entirely new career. Perhaps you don’t like the industry you are currently working in, find it difficult to get a job in the industry, or maybe you’re just looking for a fresh start. A certificate is a quick, cost-efficient way to launch a new career. There are many fields (web development and software programming included) that do not require a full-fledged bachelor’s degree in the topic. Completing a certificate program (and having examples that can demonstrate your proficiency in the field) are sufficient qualifications for many fields.

It can help you meet new people

Completing the certificate itself isn’t the only way a certificate can boost your career—you may also make some useful connections along the way. Certificate programs are great opportunities for networking. Many of your fellow classmates are likely already working in some sort of profession, and they may prove to be valuable connections. Networking with professors may also be helpful. Make as many connections as you can—networking is still a viable tool for online students. You never know which contact may prove to be useful in the future.

Certificate programs can be a cost-effective and time-efficient way to boost your career—but you have to be willing to put in the time, money, and effort. Consider your personal long-term goals and interests before jumping into a certificate program. A certificate program could be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for to move forward in your career.

Catherine Martin is a contributing writer for UniversityTutor.com, the world’s largest global marketplace for finding independent tutors.


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