August 12, 2019

Career Outlook: Becoming a Medical Administrative Assistant

By B&SC Blog Team

Career Outlook: Becoming a Medical Administrative Assistant

Completing an AAS in Medical Administration can be a significant asset when applying for positions as a medical administrative assistant, often referred to as a medical secretary. Working at the front desk of a hospital, health clinic, or physician’s office is a very specific niche for administrative assistants. In addition to answering phones, greeting patients, and maintaining confidential medical files, medical secretaries must be fluent in medical terminology and billing and coding procedures. A competent medical secretary must have a thorough understanding of the complex legal and ethical issues surrounding a patients’ medical information, and be sensitive and respectful of a variety of interpersonal relationships when communicating with patients, their families, and health insurance representatives.

When students complete their AAS in Medical Administration at Bryant & Stratton, they will have completed all of the requirements to obtain a successful and rewarding career as a medical secretary. Currently, the project growth outlook for medical secretaries through 2020 is significantly faster than average.

Here is a list of medical administration requirements that are integral to beginning your career as a medical administration assistant.

Medical Administrative Assistant Requirements

High School Diploma or GED. Your high school diploma or GED are a requirement to be accepted into any medical administration degree program, which is often the key to ensuring your ability to advance your career, and work your way up the salary scale. While there are a few exceptions where work experience and hands-on training may be enough to obtain a job as an medical secretary, most employers still require their new hires to have a high school diploma or a GED.

English Proficiency. In addition to your high school diploma or GED, students must be proficient in English. In most cases, this proficiency will be demonstrated by the completion of an English placement exam, prior to entering a degree program, or via the completion of one semester of a college-level English course with a passing grade. If you speak a second language fluently, make sure you note that on your application as this can increase your chances of being hired.

Recommended Skills and Education

Completion of a Medical Administration Degree Program. As the applicant pool for medical administration assistants becomes more competitive, the completion of a medical administration degree program is becoming a preferred requirement for many hospitals, physicians’ offices and health clinics. The courses you take while completing your degree will expose you to:

  • Medical terminology
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Billing and Coding
  • Medical documentation and transcription

These courses entail highly specialized training that simply isn’t available without attending a specific degree program. Most medical facilities are working at a very busy pace, which makes it difficult to train a skilled administrative assistant without a working knowledge of medical terms and practices.

Technological skills. Most medical secretaries will work with a variety of software programs, computers, and document formats. A working knowledge of basic computer software, including accounting software and specialized medical programs is a major bonus. Students who receive their diploma in medical administration from Bryant & Stratton College have the opportunity to work hands-on with current and specialized computer, accounting and medical software as they make their way through our curriculum.

Work experience. While work experience isn’t always a requirement, many larger medical facilities prefer hiring medical secretaries who have some level of administrative experience. Job experience in a medical or dental office is especially desirable. At Bryant & Stratton College, the students in our medical administration degree program are required to complete an internship/Capstone experience before receiving their diploma. This requirement will provide the work experience you need, and will serve as added incentive to future employers when you’re filling out applications.

If you would like to learn more about medical administrative assistant requirements, please contact the admissions office of Bryant & Stratton. Our AAS in Medical Administration is a powerful first step in launching your successful medical career.

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