April 1, 2019

Medical Degrees at Bryant & Stratton: What You Need to Know

By B&SC Blog Team

Medical Degrees at Bryant & Stratton: What You Need to Know

As the healthcare industry continues to grow across the country, properly educated employees will be invaluable in a number of different facets of the medical profession. Bryant & Stratton College Online offers three different degrees in healthcare designed to provide a career ready education to students who are planning on entering the medical field.

Bryant & Stratton offers a bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration along with associate’s degrees in Medical Administrative Assistant and Medical Reimbursement and Coding. Each degree is specially tailored to provide students with the education necessary to pursue one of many career paths within the field.

The Health Service Administration bachelor’s degree places a strong emphasis on administrative and managerial duties and tasks within the healthcare community. Students who graduate with this degree are qualified for a number of positions with private practices, long term care or nursing facilities, healthcare providers and hospitals. This is a degree with a strong focus on management and how it relates in various healthcare settings. Our website has more helpful information on the degree and the career outlook for graduates.

Just as the demand for clinical positions within the medical field grows, as does the demand for positions on the office and administrative side. In addition to the Health Service Administrative bachelor’s degree, Bryant & Stratton offers a pair of associate degrees that prepare graduates for a career in the medical field.

In fact, the Medical Administrative Assistant associate’s degree transfers a number of credits into the Health Service Administration bachelor’s program; this is a great choice for students who aren’t looking to start their collegiate experience with a bachelor’s degree.

Medical Administrative Assistant students are given a strong foundation in not only front office and administrative tasks within the medical field, but they also take a number of classes geared towards medical billing. This degree places a strong focus on classes like Medical Office Systems/Electronic Records and Healthcare Reimbursement/Billing Emphasis. Ultimately, graduates will be prepared to not only work in front office roles within a medical office but also succeed in a role as a medical biller. You can read more here about the Medical Administrative Assistant associates degree.

Perhaps one of the most in-demand portions of the field is medical coding. The need for coding professionals both in doctor’s offices, hospitals and even with healthcare and insurance providers continues to grow. For students looking to begin a career in this portion of the field, Bryant & Stratton’s Medical Reimbursement and Coding associate’s degree is a great fit.

This degree opens the door for a number of options within the profession, although the primary focus of the degree is to give students an education to either work in either a physician’s office or a hospital. One recent challenge that those in the profession have faced is the upcoming transition to ICD-10. This change is something that will not only affect students pursuing a degree in coding but also healthcare professionals who are already in the field. Bryant & Stratton has already taken steps to implement ICD-10 training into the degree program so graduates are fully prepared for the new system when it takes effect late in 2015. More information on the transition and how Bryant & Stratton has adjusted our degree program can be found on our site.

Each degree that Bryant & Stratton offers in the medical field provides a different foundation for success within the field. For more information on each degree and on how to enroll, contact the Bryant & Stratton admissions department today to speak with an admissions advisor.

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