April 1, 2019

3 Military Skills that Transfer to a Career in IT

By B&SC Blog Team

3 Military Skills that Transfer to a Career in IT

For veterans, returning to civilian life can offer new opportunities. However, a common challenge as a result of the military to civilian transition is deciding which opportunities to pursue especially when looking for employment. Veterans have talents that make them great candidates for many different careers. It’s important for vets to evaluate their skills to find the right career path for them. If you are a veteran and considering returning to school, an information technology degree, such as a Networking Technology degree or Security Technology degree, can allow you to apply some of the following skills you likely possess due to your military experience.

Technology skills

Technology skills are an absolute requirement if you are interested in a career in IT. People may not be aware that this is also needed for many positions in the military. Military personnel often work with dynamic computer systems and complex technology. Oftentimes different technologies must be used together and an informed knowledge of how each works can affect a mission. For example, an Airman in the U.S. Air Force must assess if an aircraft radio works and is inter-operable with other aircraft to successfully communicate and coordinate efforts.

Communication skills

In the military it is often said that no task is completed alone and that mission success is made possible by the contribution of many. On a daily basis it is necessary to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds with different skill sets and varying ages. Working closely with others means that those in the military learn the importance of communicating effectively and mastering the ability to concisely relay information to a wide variety of audiences. This skill is also necessary for anyone working in IT. IT professionals often find themselves in situations where they must describe problems and their solutions to those with little or no IT knowledge.

Problem-solving skills

Those in the military face many challenges and in their various roles are first and foremost problem solvers. During these challenges analytical thinking is applied to solve the issue. “We consistently adapt the leadership of our personnel and management of our resources to provide solutions” says Capt Mike Palamore, Cyber Operations Officer for the Air Force. This skill is also necessary for IT professionals who must quickly resolve problems.

Along with technology, communication and problem solving skills, military experience gives vets a unique edge. “Even though a military professional is trained and skilled in the aforementioned areas, they must embody the adaptability to first serve as a Soldier, Airman, and Sailor or in a role designated by leadership. This adaptability, commitment to task and overall willful conviction is simply irreplaceable,” says Capt. Palamore. Individuals who have served in the military have invaluable qualities that translate incredibly well across not only IT but also many other career fields.

Bryant & Stratton College is proud to offer veterans of our armed forces a path to career success. Additional services and support are available to active duty military members and veterans through your local Bryant & Stratton College campus or online. Contact us today to learn more about the exciting degree programs we have to offer.

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