March 10, 2022

20 Must-Have School Supplies for Online Classes

By B&SC Blog Team

20 Must-Have School Supplies for Online Classes

It’s that time of the year again where the nights are getting shorter and colder. Parents and college kids alike are running to the store to get their last minute school supply shopping done, since fall has finally arrived. A new semester offers a chance for some to start over and for some a chance to get their life back in order. To start the semester off the right way, I wanted to come up with a list of supplies and tips for online students. This way when you are running around grabbing all of the crayons, highlighters, pencils, paper, and folders for your kids, you will have a list for yourself to make sure you are prepared for the long semester haul.

If you are thinking of attending college in person, this list works for you too. But, if you’ve thought about earning an online degree, this definitive list will prepare you for the semester ahead.

Supply your Study Space

The first thing you need to take care of is your study space. Make sure you have a quiet work space that you enjoy being in. If you surround yourself with a positive environment, you are more likely to be able to accomplish your work. One idea that I have always liked is having pictures of your supporting cast, maybe you are going back to school to help out your family, friends, or even yourself. Having pictures of your family and friends will allow you to always remember what you are working for. It could also help you get through those late night assignments. It isn’t a bad idea to have a picture of your favorite vacation spot or a dream vacation spot, just something that can maybe take your mind off of your homework and allow you to reset your brain. If you have kids, it isn’t a bad idea to try and do your homework while they are at school themselves or once they are asleep.

Stock up on Snacks

Now it’s time to go back to basics. While taking online classes it is always a good idea to have the same supplies a traditional college student has. Whether you like to drink coffee, soda, or of course energy drinks, caffeine becomes one of the most important food groups for many college students! Many college students, including myself, owe thanks to the great people at Starbucks and AMP Energy drinks for helping us get through those late night assignments.

Technology Supplies

Of course you need the good old basics like paper and pencils, but with online classes the list varies at this point. We all know it is mandatory to have a computer and internet and this is especially important for online classes. However, there may be other mandatory technology requirements based on the college or degree program chosen. Be aware of these requirements prior to starting classes to ensure you are set up for success. The most important on that list is a printer. Printing copies of homework assignments, papers you have written and lectures is a great way to stay organized and on top of your school work. Make sure you have a binder or folder to keep all of your paper work in order. It’s not a bad idea to have a filing cabinet or a filing box in your workspace either. Other computer essentials are speakers, a webcam, a microphone, a flash drive, ink, and printer paper. These are all required or highly recommended to stay on top of your assignments.

Ultimate Online College School Supply List

When I sat down to write this I said that I wanted to make sure I made your life a little easier by giving you a last minute school supply shopping list. Hopefully with these supplies, you are now in the position to succeed and turn over a new leaf. Here is your shopping list; now it is just up to you to find the time to do some shopping.

  1. Pens/Pencils
  2. Highlighters
  3. Paper
  4. Note Cards
  5. Three-Ring Binder
  6. Binder Clips
  7. Planner/Desk Calendar
  8. Three-Hole Punch
  9. Notebooks
  10. Folders
  11. Books
  12. Book bag
  13. Filling Cabinet or Box
  14. Laptop Tray
  15. Ink
  16. Copy Paper
  17. USB Drives
  18. Printer
  19. Webcam
  20. Speakers

Feel free to add additional items in the comment section of items you think are important for college students especially if you’re studying online.

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