What is a Concierge?

A Concierge, also commonly called a Guest Relations Manager or Guest Service Worker, serves as a specialized customer service representative. They are most frequently employed within the hospitality industry, although these positions may also be available in high-end office buildings and apartment complexes. These employees are responsible for responding to a wide variety of consumer/guest needs to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for these patrons. Excellent communication skills and customer service skills are necessary to succeed in this role. In short, their primary duty is to be of service to consumers/guests and keep them happy.

Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities for these workers vary widely from one employment setting to another. However, in general, they are expected to provide personal services to consumers/guests served by their employers. Those services may include:

  • Greeting guests/customers
  • Manage guest/customer complaints
  • Taking messages
  • Managing mail, luggage and deliveries
  • Perform basic administrative/secretarial/reception duties
  • Running errands to assist guests
  • Arranging transportation and excursions upon visitor request
  • Provide information and recommendations on local features, attractions, shopping, restaurants, dining, entertainment, nightlife, and recreation
  • Arranging tours and activities
  • Making dinner/event reservations for guests
  • Obtaining tickets for events
  • Arranging special services
  • Providing or arranging for general business services for guests
  • Managing customer/guest requests for housekeeping and/or maintenance
  • Develop network of contacts, service providers and businesses within their communities to serve guests

How to Become a Concierge

If you are interested in beginning a career as a Concierge, earning a Hospitality Assistant diploma with Bryant & Stratton College is a solid first step towards that goal. Graduating from this diploma program will prepare you for entry level jobs in the hospitality industry, including Concierge and other customer service positions.

Once you have gotten your foot in the door with an entry level position, you can continue your education to help with advancing your career. Earning an Associate degree in Hospitality Management or an Associate degree in Restaurant and Hotel Management from Bryant & Stratton College can help you do that, and you can apply courses and earned credits from your diploma program towards earning those degrees.

What Can I Do With an Associate Degree in Hospitality Management or Restaurant and Hotel Management?

Either of these degrees can help you qualify for those sought-after Concierge positions in high-end establishments, providing you with the opportunity to climb the career ladder.

The Restaurant and Hotel Management and Hospitality Management associate degree programs also prepare students for a wide range of other roles within the hospitality industry. These degree programs provide a solid foundation in hospitality management functions and other essential skills, opening the door to management, human resources, marketing, and other career opportunities. Hotels, casinos, travel and sports venues, are just a few of the settings available to you.

Additional Training/Requirements

Many employers prefer to hire candidates for entry level Concierge positions who have some workplace experience — either as a Concierge or in a similar customer service oriented position. Some employers may require that candidates pass a criminal background check and/or drug testing as a condition of employment.

For more insights into careers and career paths in the hospitality field, please visit the Business Degrees section of the Bryant & Stratton College blog. By exploring our blog and the B&SC website, you are sure to find a lot of helpful tips and information to ease your path and provide valuable career insights as you work towards preparing for and building a successful career in the hospitality field.

While these projections can help career-minded people evaluate potential employment fields, it is important to note that job market data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook is only intended to provide insight on occupational opportunities. It should not be construed as a guarantee of salary or job title. Neither BLS nor Bryant & Stratton College can guarantee employment in any field.

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