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Restaurant and Hotel Management

Maybe you have experience in the hotel, beverage management, or restaurant industry and now you’re thinking about making it a career as a hospitality professional. Whether your future is in restaurant hospitality or in hotel management hospitality, make your move with a hotel and restaurant management degree program from Bryant & Stratton College.

The Restaurant and Hotel Management Associate Degree You’ve Been Looking For

Our associate degree in Restaurant and Hotel Management is designed to help students develop a strong foundation in key hospitality management functions to prepare for roles with hotels, country clubs, resorts, sports venues, casinos, travel and tourism, and even the food and beverage industry, to name a few.

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16-20 months

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 60 credit hours

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Sept 4

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The Restaurant and Hotel Management associate degree program offers undergraduate coursework in human resources, marketing, sales, and finance, along with an understanding of key fundamental hospitality practices and principles. Students of this associate degree program not only gain the education necessary to begin a career in the hospitality field, but have the opportunity to pursue additional educational opportunities in the hospitality or business management fields, including the general management bachelor’s degree program at Bryant & Stratton College.

Available on-campus and online in New York state

The Restaurant and Hotel Management associate degree program is available for study with Bryant & Stratton College Online. The online Restaurant and Hotel Management associate degree program follows the same outcomes and curriculum as the campus-based program with the added flexibility and convenience of an online program. Students in this online associate degree program can expect to receive the same personal touch and support as provided by our campus faculty and staff.

Credits earned in online classes at Bryant & Stratton College are the same as credits earned in campus-based classes at Bryant & Stratton College.

Where can you take this program?

Whether you prefer the vibrant atmosphere of on-campus classes, the convenience of online learning, or the flexibility of remote options, our degree programs are tailored to fit your lifestyle. Use our interactive map to explore the various campus locations where this degree program is offered.

Courses in the Restaurant and Hotel Management associate degree program are also offered at the Amherst campus and online in New York state only. To learn more please contact an admissions representative.

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Program Outcomes

Coursework for the Restaurant and Hotel Management associate degree program will provide students with the ability to:

Utilize technology tools and resources to support industry standards for compliance and service level expectations.

Analyze and apply leadership and service principles and skills to hospitality management strategic decision-making scenarios.

Analyze and apply leadership and service principles to social, interpersonal, legal and ethical issues in the hospitality industry.

Employ foundational management principles and skills to define and manage career-related decisions.

Define the foundational leadership, service and business principles that comprise hospitality-related planning, sales, service, human resources marketing and operations management.

Classify the entities, facets and professions that comprise the hospitality industry.


What can you do with an Associates in Restaurant and Hotel Management?

Restaurant and hotel managers are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a restaurant or hotel. Graduates with a Restaurant and Hotel Management associate degree may pursue a career as a lodging manager, concierge, or food services manager. The majority of these professionals work in restaurants and other food service settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

While a degree is not necessary to pursue management roles, it can help put you on a management fast track. For example, the AAS in Hospitality Management program from Bryant & Stratton College offers a thorough review of all the business management essentials you’ll need to take on leadership roles throughout the hotel and lodging industry.

A hotel management degree offers the opportunity to build the business management foundation you need for long-term management career success in the hotel industry. It typically covers hoteling essentials like business principles, marketing strategy, communication skills, ethics, hospitality management technology and more.

A hotel management degree is designed to help you prepare for leadership positions throughout the hospitality industry, especially in hoteling. With the skills you can build from Bryant & Stratton College’s AAS in Restaurant & Hotel Management, you could find yourself managing hotels in resorts or business parks, or even managing whole chains.

While you do not need a degree to manage a restaurant, it can be a big help as you manage people, resources, vendors and more to food service success. The right degree, such as the AAS in Restaurant & Hotel Management from Bryant & Stratton College, can give you the tools you need to pursue relevant management roles in local food services or at elite hotels.

There are a number of ways to pursue a career as a restaurant manager. You could start at the bottom, bussing tables, doing dishes, waiting tables and more on your way to a management career. Or you could cut some time without cutting corners by earning a relevant associate degree designed to give you the people and process management skills you need to succeed at every level of restaurant leadership.

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