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Teaching the skills necessary to operate in today’s modern office environment is a key goal of the Office Management associate degree program at Bryant & Stratton College. Students who earn an associate degree in office management will not only gain an understanding of the roles and skills used by administrative assistants, they will also gain vital knowledge and experience in mobile computing, electronic correspondence, and virtual/wireless technology. Graduates of the office management associate degree program will be capable of utilizing current technology to connect, support, and coordinate with workers in remote locations.

Prepare for a potential career in various industries

Students will be prepared to pursue administrative, clerical, and other front-office roles in a variety of industries and fields as the need for skilled, technologically savvy professionals continues to grow.

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16-20 months

Approximate Program Length

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60 credit hours

Total Credits

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Sept 4

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Career opportunities will be available in basic office administrative settings and in manufacturing, education, and even the public sector. The well-balanced professional and technological education offered by the Office Management associate degree program will prepare students for all these settings.

Office assistant, executive assistant, office clerk, or secretary, this administrative assistant degree program was built with the needs of the modern office professional in mind. The difference between office and administrative assistants is minimal as each area requires an understanding of office technology, communication, human resources management, and more to be successful. This program covers the essentials to be successful in every role.

Multiple degree offerings to continue your education

The Office Management associate degree program is available for study online with Bryant & Stratton College. The online Office Management associate degree program follows the same outcomes and curriculum as the campus-based program with the added flexibility and convenience of an online program. Students of the office administration degree online can expect the same personal touch and support as provided by our campus faculty and staff.

Credits earned in online classes at Bryant & Stratton College are the same as credits earned in campus-based classes at Bryant & Stratton College.

Where can you take this program?

Whether you prefer the vibrant atmosphere of on-campus classes, the convenience of online learning, or the flexibility of remote options, our degree programs are tailored to fit your lifestyle. Use our interactive map to explore the various campus locations where this degree program is offered.

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Program Outcomes

The Office Management associate degree program will provide students with the ability to:

Utilize advanced computer technology applications in the office environment to improve workplace efficiency.

Employ key financial, managerial, marketing, relational and ethical business principles as it relates to the office environment and the global economy.

Utilize current and innovative office technology in the operation of the virtual workplace and/or office environment.

Assess current business-related technologies and resources to enhance professional administrative productivity.

Utilize higher-level organizational, interpersonal, and technical skills to successfully implement required office practices and procedures.

Stackable Solutions

Scalable to Your Career Levels & Goals

Bryant & Stratton College designs skill-building programs to fit your needs. In addition to online, on-business, and live remote learning options, our degree offerings are scalable and stackable. Whether seeking to jumpstart your career or advance your education we offer diploma, associate, and bachelor’s degrees to help you achieve your academic and career goals on your schedule.


Develop essentials of office operations oversight, including key aspects of finance, management, marketing and business.

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Program Format


Program Duration

  • 2-Years Full-Time Study


Develop essential skills in office operations, including how to implement effective office practices and procedures.

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Program Format


Program Duration

  • 1-Year Full-Time Study
  • 2-Years Part-Time Study

Valuable Internship Experience

In addition to your classroom experience, we recognize the importance of real-world application. Through our partnership network, students are provided with opportunities to actively apply their learnings within their chosen field.


What can you do with an Office Management Associate Degree?

An Office Management associate degree prepares you for a wide range of roles within an office environment. You will use organizational skills and an understanding of technology tools to keep offices organized and help them run efficiently. Graduates with an Office Management associate degree may work in many industries such as hospitals, schools, manufacturing firms, and retail and wholesale organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a couple of ways to become an office manager. You could work for family or friends. You can get in on the ground floor of a company with an entry-level position and work your way up to an administration role, but that can take years. Or you can earn a degree that offers the information, skills and credential you need to pursue leadership roles in your industry of choice.

While a degree may not be necessary to pursue an office management role, it can be extremely helpful. Not only will it set you apart from other candidates who lack that credential, the courses you’ll take to achieve it are filled with the insights, information and skill-building experiences you need for a lifetime of career success.

It definitely can be. The right degree, such as the Associate of Applied Science in Office Management from Bryant & Stratton College, covers the business strategies, functions and roles office managers need to understand to help facilitate success throughout the company.

Office management degree programs offer an overview of all the administrative essentials needed to pursue positions in a corporate front office. Core coursework typically covers computing skills, business principles, communication and office applications such as spreadsheets, presentations and word processing.

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