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Why should you pursue an associate degree in Paralegal Studies with Bryant and Stratton College?

That depends … are you looking for coursework that will help prepare you to work for attorneys at law? Need a program that will give you the insight in legal research, civil procedures, and criminal practice to be the legal assistant lawyers need to successfully practice law in and out of the courtroom? Want the skills to pursue entry-level career opportunities in the legal world?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then prepare to serve as a vital part of a legal team with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies from Bryant & Stratton College. Students of the Paralegal Studies associate degree program will develop the necessary skills to assist lawyers in case preparation, client interaction, and more.

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16-20 months

Approximate Program Length

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60 credit hours

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Sept 4

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Whether you take courses on-campus or online, this 60-credit associate paralegal program provides the career-building experience legal assistants need to work in law, from preparing legal documents and correspondence to conducting legal research. Plus, you’ll cover key aspects of the legal process. Not only will you graduate qualified to pursue career opportunities with law firms or government/civil service employers, you’ll be qualified for paralegal positions with corporations, real estate companies, and other government agencies, which often require the skills of a trained paralegal.

In addition, graduates are encouraged to pursue relevant certifications by taking the CLA/CP exam after completing the associate degree in Paralegal Studies. Or, students may choose to use this as a stepping-stone to a bachelor’s degree. Felony and drug background checks may impact internship or employment opportunities.

Where can you take this program?

Whether you prefer the vibrant atmosphere of on-campus classes, the convenience of online learning, or the flexibility of remote options, our degree programs are tailored to fit your lifestyle. Use our interactive map to explore the various campus locations where this degree program is offered.

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Program Outcomes

The Paralegal Studies associate degree program will provide students interested in pursuing career opportunities as a legal assistant for the courts or law offices with the ability to:

Describe and discuss the basic responsibilities, legal and procedural theories, and professional standards of a paralegal.

Define, apply, and defend principles of legal ethics within a variety of settings.

Utilize appropriate legal terminology and terms correctly in legal documents.

Draft legal documents, including but not limited to correspondence, pleadings, briefs, and memoranda, that are relevant to different substantive areas of law.

Utilize resources to locate primary and secondary law-related legal documents to research, summarize, and evaluate legal issues.

Stackable Solutions

Scalable to Your Career Level & Goals

Bryant & Stratton College designs skill-building programs to fit your needs. In addition to online, on-campus, and live remote learning options, our degree offerings are scalable and stackable. Whether seeking to jumpstart your career or advance your education we offer diploma, associate, and bachelor’s degrees to help you achieve your academic and career goals on your schedule.


Prepare to serve attorneys through focuses in legal research, civil procedures, criminal practice, and office skills.

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Program Format



  • 2-Years Full-Time Study


Develop essential skills in legal office assistance, such as analyzing, interpreting and preparing legal documents.

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Program Format



  • 1-Year Full-Time Study
  • 2-Years Part-Time Study

Valuable Internship Experience

In addition to your classroom experience, we recognize the importance of real-world application. Through our partnership network, students are provided with opportunities to actively apply their learnings within their chosen field.


What can you do with a Paralegal Studies Associate Degree?

Paralegals and legal assistants often work for law firms or government agencies, but all sorts of organizations need professionals to conduct and organize research on legal issues. Demand is growing much faster than average according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Graduates with a Paralegal Studies associate degree may also work as legal secretaries or legal support specialists.

Academic Program Disclosures

Paralegal Studies Academic Program Disclosures

Frequently Asked Questions

A paralegal degree program can help you build the skills you need to be an active member of a legal team. It covers a host of legal areas aspiring paralegals need to know, including legal research, civil procedures and criminal practice. Graduates of Bryant & Stratton College’s 60-credit-hour AAS in Paralegal Studies will have the skills and insights needed to take the Certified Legal Assistant/Paralegal (CLA/CP) exam and start a paralegal career.

In order to find work as a Certified Legal Assistant/Paralegal (CLA/CP), aspiring paralegals need to complete a college degree. Bryant & Stratton College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies designed to help you gain the skills, insights and credential needed to become a vital member of the legal team.

Yes, it is possible to earn a paralegal degree online. The Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies at Bryant & Stratton College is offered online and at campuses in New York, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.

An associate degree in paralegal studies can often be completed in just two years of full-time study. The AAS in Paralegal Studies at Bryant & Stratton College is designed to help you develop the research, writing and communication skills needed to work with lawyers on case presentations and client interactions.

With the right associate program, you can prepare to become a paralegal. Bryant & Stratton College’s Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies provides the insights, expertise and information needed to pursue your Certified Legal Assistant/Paralegal (CLA/CP) designation and join the legal team.

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