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Applying to college can be intimidating but Bryant & Stratton College Online seeks to make that process straightforward and stress-free. 

Every student who applies for online degree programs at Bryant & Stratton College works with their own, dedicated admissions representative. Your admissions representative will conduct your initial admissions interview, helping to determine your career goals and the degree program that is the best fit for you.

We will guide you through the admissions process, providing support as you submit your application and complete the rest of the admissions steps. The admissions steps are provided once your initial interview is complete and in many cases the steps can be completed in a day.

The steps include

  • Step 1: Filling out the free online application
  • Step 2: Beginning the financial aid process by completing a FAFSA application
    *Bryant & Stratton College school code is 002678
  • Step 3: Sending in a copy of your driver’s license or another form of official ID
  • Step 4: Completing a diploma transcript request form
    *This will be used to obtain high school transcripts, GED results or college credits
  • Step 5: Completing the assessments
    *Assessment links will be provided by your admissions advisor

Technology Requirements

Students do need to meet certain technology requirements for admission into online programs at Bryant & Stratton College. All students must have a desktop or laptop computer with a full keyboard and mouse and internet access. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended for students accessing Bryant & Stratton College.

Some features of your classes can be accessed via mobile device but coursework, tests and exams must be completed on a personal computer. Small computers like netbooks are not compatible with Bryant & Stratton College classes. Click here to learn more about the technology requirements.

Military Admissions

Military students applying to online programs at Bryant & Stratton College will have the added guidance of a dedicated Military Relations Financial Aid advisor. The added benefit of working with an advisor who not only knows the relationship between college students and the military but the ins and outs of navigating the admissions process and financial aid from the perspective of a military student.

Financial Aid

When applying into online programs at Bryant & Stratton College, students will work one-on-one with a member of the Financial Aid department to determine what grants, scholarships and loans you’re eligible to receive. 

Your personal financial aid advisor will guide you through the process of completing the FAFSA application and identifying other forms of aid you may be able to take advantage of. The financial aid process will incorporate funding that includes, but is not limited to the Federal Pell Grant, applicable state grants, scholarships, institutional grants, veterans’ aid, and student loans.

You can start the process of determining your financial aid eligibility by completing or updating your FAFSA application with the school code for Bryant & Stratton College Online: 002678.

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