Emerging Trends in the Digital Marketing Industry

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The digital marketing industry is nothing if not volatile. Digital marketing trends can change dramatically at a moment’s notice, tossing your tried-and-true efforts out of the game. If you’re not up to date with the latest happenings, you may find yourself scrambling to compensate for the changes. However, if you stay on top of digital marketing trends, you can turn these into key opportunities to edge ahead of your competitors.

Coordinate Digital Marketing Campaigns Across Devices 

It’s easy for digital marketers to dive so deep into their online efforts that they forget to resurface and see how customers are interacting with the brand beyond the internet and across devices. Television ads are far from being an outdated effort. In fact, the phenomenon of using second screens means that many consumers are both watching TV and surfing the internet at the same time.

This creates a valuable marketing opportunity. Google studied nearly 100 television campaigns and found that product searches increased after the TV ad aired in every one of them. Include the right search terms in your call-to-action with corresponding tags on your site to make sure customers reach the right page when they look up your products following an ad. 

Influencer Marketing as a Social Media Trend

Social media is a powerful tool, but it requires extreme vigilance to keep up with emerging trends in digital marketing. You need to continuously update your marketing strategies in this area to meet the changing needs of your consumers. Make sure you’re current on the best practices for social media marketing from the proper use of trending hashtags to the best way to best way to tag companies and people on various sites. If you’ve stayed with the same formula for very long, it’s best to assume it’s outdated and needs some fresh tweaks. 

Pursue Continuing Education to Keep up with New Technology

If your marketing degree came from a different decade, or you have a background in a different business area, you’re going to have some holes in your knowledge base. Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry with many complexities. Stay at the top of the pack by diligently pursuing continuing education, whether this means going back to school to finish your degree with a digital marketing focus, or obtaining a digital marketing diploma to beef up your resume and expand your skill set. 

Identify Key Purchase Points in Your Industry

While there are many digital marketing industry trends that are consistent across different industries, others are extremely specific to niche areas. Keep up with emerging trends within your niche industry so you can connect with buyers at key points in the purchasing process. Identify essential micro-moments when your consumers need you. 

As an example, for wireless shoppers, an essential moment is when they need help fixing their smartphone. Apparel shoppers have an important moment when they’re looking for the perfect outfit for a special occasion. Understanding the purchase points along your buyers’ journeys will help you position your web page, app, and social media accounts to meet them where they are with the solutions they’re after.

Make sure you keep a keen eye on digital marketing trends and work proactively to keep your knowledge current. Though it’s challenging to stay at the cutting edge, the rewards are more than worth the effort. For more information on digital marketing degrees at Bryant and Stratton, contact Admissions at 1.888.273.2758.

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