February 15, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Deana Mahabeer '21

By B&SC Blog Team

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Deana Mahabeer '21

“Bryant & Stratton College made a very positive impact on my life and career. The continued support and welcoming atmosphere allowed me to earn my degree and find my niche.” – Deana Mahabeer ’21

An associate degree in Human Resources Specialist from Bryant & Stratton College provides individuals with the opportunity to gain educational and hands-on experience to allow them to serve in key roles in nearly every aspect of the business field. HR professionals carry out hiring processes, manage compensation, benefits, payroll, and more. These positions are crucial to nearly every company whether in business, finance, manufacturing, or any other area.

What inspired you to pursue a degree in human resources at Bryant & Stratton College?

As a young manager, I discovered my passion for human resources (HR). A large portion of my role included interviewing applicants, and I realized I truly enjoy connecting with individuals on both a professional and a personal level. I took pride in creating teams and choosing applicants best suited for the positions I was looking to fill.

Bryant & Stratton College provided me with the flexibility I needed to allow me to attend classes both on-campus and online. I was working full time, but I knew I wanted to continue my education and earn my degree. The Albany campus is in a great location and is small, which were important factors for me. The continued support and welcoming atmosphere allowed me to earn my degree and find my niche.

Are you currently working in your field and what are your career goals?

I am an HR coordinator at Attentive Care, a local home healthcare agency, where I employ healthcare professionals in home care and staff relief throughout the Capital District. I am currently in training to conduct the new hire orientations, which I am extremely excited about. It took some time to figure out what I wanted to do specifically in HR since there are so many different avenues that you can take, but now that I have found my niche, I am looking forward to building my skills and knowledge with the experiences I am given.

My goals are to continue to develop as an HR professional in this role and to continue to learn about the different positions that can be taken in HR, specifically in compensation and benefits as well as in training and development.

How did Bryant & Stratton College prepare you for your role?

There are multiple people who helped me to get where I am today. Mr. Fraser was one of my instructors I am extremely grateful for. Not only were his classes educational and informative, but they were fun and never failed to keep my attention. One of my biggest lessons from him was to always send a note to an employer after an interview, thanking them for the opportunity and letting them know what your takeaway from the interview was. Once I was hired at my current job, my agency manager told me that was one of the things that helped me stand out from the other applicants.

Bryant & Stratton College provided me with the tools and resources to be successful, and the skills I learned can help any applicant feel confident and prepared to start their job search.

Was there anyone at Bryant & Stratton College who supported you in your education?

My career services advisor, Brandi Markowski, was so supportive of me every step of the way. I could not speak more highly of her. Her door was always open, and I was often in her office. From talking to her about my track to graduation to her being a listening ear and giving me great advice, she was always there to help. To this day, we still stay in touch, and I will always be grateful for her support.

What makes you the proudest to be a Bryant & Stratton College graduate? What would you say to someone considering a degree from B&SC?

I am most proud of being a graduate and accomplishing my goals. Of course, like any student, I had struggles, but I was given the right tools to manage my time wisely and always had a strong support system. I always wanted to go back to college, but the timing never felt right, and when it was, it was the best two years of my life. Bryant & Stratton College made that possible.

To anyone considering earning their degree, I would highly recommend Bryant & Stratton College. Even after you graduate, you’ll have access to resources to help you stay successful. B&SC genuinely cares about its students and their success, even after graduating. B&SC is flexible with your schedule and provides both online and campus options that can give you a balance between school and life.

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