July 21, 2022

6 Business Degrees to Consider for Fulfilling Careers

By B&SC Blog Team

6 Business Degrees to Consider for Fulfilling Careers

A business degree doesn’t just refer to one type of bachelor’s degree. In fact, there are several types of business degrees to consider when you’re interested in exploring business-related careers. Knowing more about some of these degrees can help you figure out which career path you’re interested in the most.

1. Accounting

A business administration degree in accounting can lead to a successful career working with numbers, managing finances, and handling other finance-related tasks. This business degree includes classes on tax law, cost accounting, principles of accounting, financial analysis, and other information that you’ll need for entry-level accounting jobs. With this type of degree, graduates have several career paths to choose from, such as auditor, tax accountant, budget analyst, and payroll manager.

Accountants are responsible for handling sensitive financial information for businesses, government entities, non-profit organizations, individuals, or other clients. Having a strong interest in math and financial data could make this the right type of business degree for you.

2. Marketing

A marketing career offers a chance to use your creative skills and business skills to advertise products or services. With this degree, you can focus on traditional marketing methods, such as print and TV ads, or digital marketing techniques and methods used for successful online campaigns. A business degree in digital marketing can provide you with the skills needed to develop effective marketing campaigns in the virtual world.

Some of the careers that are available with a business degree in marketing include marketing research analyst, digital content manager, and marketing manager. As part of your education in marketing, you can expect to take courses on market research, mobile and email marketing, web analytics, global marketing, and content marketing.

3. Human Resources

Human resources careers are a great choice if you enjoy helping others. Having a business degree in human resources provides you with the education required for assisting employees, recruiting new talent for companies, and ensuring compliance with labor practices. Several human resources career paths are available, such as benefits specialist, job recruiter, HR generalist, and training and development coordinators.

Pursuing a degree in human resources often means taking classes in organizational development, HR management, recruitment, employment law, and payroll procedures. This type of degree provides you with an in-depth understanding of the responsibilities and challenges in HR, such as developing a company’s code of ethics, using problem-solving skills to handle employee or labor disputes, and analyzing employee training procedures.

4. Management

If you’re aiming to become a business manager, a business degree in management is a good fit. This degree program helps you develop the skills you’ll need to be a successful and effective manager, such as critical thinking skills and decision-making skills. Whether you decide to use your degree to become a sales manager, general operations manager, project manager, account manager, administrative supervisor, or other type of business manager, you’ll be prepared to handle the responsibilities that come with this role.

When you’re in a business degree program in management, you can expect to take several courses to help build management skills. Some of these include strategic management, global management, performance management, and marketing management.

5. Health Services Administration

A business degree in health services administration is an ideal choice if you’re interested in using business skills to help improve health services. This type of degree offers the education you’ll need for handling administrative or managerial tasks in the healthcare industry. Those who have a health services administration degree work in hospitals, private practices, and other medical facilities. A few career paths to consider when you’re working toward this degree include patient services representative, medical and health services manager, and social and community service manager.

Business degree programs in health services administration typically include classes in health services management, healthcare information systems management, management principles, performance management, and organizational behavior.

6. Hospitality Management

Hospitality management allows you to build a career in the hospitality industry, such as managing lodging or food service facilities. A business degree in hospitality management prepares you for the tasks, decisions, difficulties, and other aspects that are part of this career. When you earn this degree, you can become a lodging manager, concierge, or food services manager, or take on another hospitality management role. These managers have a wide range of responsibilities, such as making staffing decisions, managing restaurant or lodging finances, improving customer service, and planning events.

An education in hospitality management often includes taking classes in business and marketing principles, fundamental hospitality management principles, events management, and related courses.

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