May 27, 2022

Digital Marketing Careers: A Closer Look

By B&SC Blog Team

Digital Marketing Careers: A Closer Look

Have you been considering a career in the field of digital marketing? If so, you should know what it entails, what type of training you’ll need, and your job prospects in the near future.

Fortunately, you can position yourself for better outcomes with the right degree program, especially from Bryant & Stratton College. Our associate and bachelor’s degree programs in digital marketing will give you a solid understanding of the career field and what’s involved. We even offer a diploma program to help you jumpstart career opportunities. Here’s what a digital marketing career looks like:

Marketing is a Changing Field

Technology is evolving at such a fast pace. Since the advancement of mobile technology and social media platforms, there are new opportunities and challenges cropping up all the time.

More and more companies are deciding to make use of these newer solutions for their marketing. This means that there has been a trend of turning away from the more conventional methods of advertising and marketing. Someone who’s been working in the traditional marketing field may opt to go back to school in order to learn about this growing category of careers.

It’s a tough fact to face, but employers now are looking to hire people who have social media and digital marketing experience over people with more traditional marketing degrees. For this reason, you might tailor your choice of online education program to something that allows you to learn broad categories of technology, marketing, and business psychology. Classes in communications also are a good idea for an individual looking to break into digital marketing positions.

What a Career in Digital Marketing Looks Like

Digital marketing jobs feature many different types of tasks. These tasks and how they’re conducted may change even over a short period of time. Consumers want something new and edgy, and companies want to deliver just that. This makes it nearly impossible to learn all the aspects involved. But that’s also what makes it an exciting career in the first place.

Some of the key areas-and potential career paths-you may deal with in digital marketing include:

Email marketing

Organizing, managing and implementing email marketing campaigns. Professionals in this area will ensure the content matches the intent, set the cadences of nurturing campaigns, and develop subject lines, headers and more.

Copywriting/content writing

Creating the content that will go in a number of digital media channels. These professionals will do the research, get to know the target audience and write the copy or develop the content that will go into everything from web pages to email campaigns.

Search engine optimization (also known as SEO)

Ever wonder how search engines choose this site over that one to list first? These professionals work hand-in-hand with content creators to incorporate terms that are highly searched, helping brands bubble to the top of search lists. They also continually innovate via white hat techniques to help brands and sites get clicks.

Search engine marketing (also known as SEM)

These strategists develop and place paid advertisements on search engine results pages (SERPs) to increase search visibility. They not only create the ads, but conduct keyword research to ensure their brand is showing up at the right place at the right time.

Digital advertising

Those ads that follow you from search to search come from somewhere. These professionals can be involved creating the digital ads, scheduling and managing the placement for these ads, or both.

App creation/improvements

Developing, improving or marketing the apps we come to rely on in everything from study helps to timers, these professionals are involved.

Social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Professionals in this area focus on ensuring the brand message is on point for each media while also maintaining consistency. They can be involved in the creation of the content, developing campaigns that get shares, managing the schedule and much more.

Web analytics

At the end of the day, stakeholders like to know their campaigns and advertising efforts are making a difference. These professionals get to the analytics of digital marketing, providing valuable insights that will contribute to future marketing success.

Job Outlook for Digital Marketing Specialists

There is good news if you plan to get a degree in Digital Marketing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that it should have an increase of 10 percent by 2026, much higher than the average for careers across the board.

The Online Marketing Institute has said employers are currently seeking mobile marketing professionals, marketing analytics specialists, social media marketers, and content marketing professionals. The main areas for these positions are in search engine marketing, social media marketing and engagement, and website and internet marketing. With the right courses, you’ll be able to conduct such work with confidence and effective results.

Degrees and Types of Courses for Digital Marketing

It’s important that you be quick on your feet and adaptable to the needs of the company that are certain to change frequently. Though you may require more training to prepare you for changes to your tasks, a quality education will give you a solid background with the skills to succeed.

That’s why Bryant & Stratton College offers so many educational options to pursue a career in this field:

Break into the digital marketing field with entry-level skills for enhancing brand visibility, building website traffic, communicating with consumers via social media and much more.

Design and implement effective social media marketing campaigns, create customer loyalty, analyze campaign results and digital behavior of consumers in order to increase sales and much more.

Evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns at local, national and global levels, use a blend of marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility and accessibility, engage customers and analyze consumer behavior and much more.

When You’re Ready, We’re Here for You

At Bryant & Stratton College, we have many professors with years of real-world experience in the areas which they teach. There are both in-person and online programs with enriching courses directly related to your field and some are more generalized for a well-rounded education.

Contact us today for more information about our digital marketing programs. We’d love to answer any questions you may have and get you started on the path to a brighter future.

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