May 15, 2019

Career Opporuntities with an Office Management Degree

By B&SC Blog Team

Career Opporuntities with an Office Management Degree

Office management is a growing field and a vital position within today’s workplace. Often, the office manager, executive secretary or administrative assistant is the one who makes a first impression to others about the organization. Administrative Assistants can be found in almost all industries but some of the quickest growing fields for this career are medical, education, and legal. It is because Bryant & Stratton Online is a leader in delivering Associate’s degrees programs in today’s most lucrative industries, that they offer an Associate’s degree programs in Office Management and Medical Administrative Assistant as well as an Office Administrative Assistant Diploma.

Trying to decide if this is the career for you? People in this career tend to have very specific traits. Administrative Assistants and Office Managers tend to be natural multi-taskers and very organized. They have top-notch communication skills and are theoretical; they like to fully understand how things work. In this profession, employees also have to be very adaptable or flexible and they also have to be self-managed. If you are naturally a personable individual who is customer service oriented and technically savvy, office management training will transform you into a top admin assistant or manager.

The jobs that you can get with an office management or administrative assistant degree vary not only by companies and departments, but also by industry as well. Some of the typical office management job descriptions that come with a degree in Administrative Assistant include: Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Receptionist, Executive Assistant, Clerical Supervisor, and Personal Assistant. There are countless possibilities for careers in this field because it is not industry specific.

The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics stated the following statistics about Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants:

States with the highest concentration of workers in this occupation:
(In percent of state employment)
1. District of Columbia – 2.044%, 12,990 employees
2. New York – 1.677%, 144,800 employees
3. Vermont – 1.584%, 4,770 employees
4. Colorado – 1.515%, 34,880 employees
5. California – 1.442%, 219,310 employees

Top paying states for this occupation:
(Annual mean wage)
1. New Jersey –

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