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  • Paralegal student standing with binders smiling for the camera

    Becoming a Paralegal: What You Need to Know

    If you are interested in working in the field of law but don’t want to commit to going to law school, working as a paralegal could be the right career for you. Learn about becoming a paralegal in our blog!

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  • Student sitting on floor working on her online class introduction

    How to Introduce Yourself In an Online Class

    No matter what kind of situation you are in, introducing yourself to several people at the same time can be nerve wracking, and being online can make it even more difficult. Learn more about introducing yourself in an online class in our blog!

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  • Student sitting at a desk working on her online class

    Celebrating World Distance Learning Day

    World Distance Learning Day is celebrated on August 31st to recognize and embrace learning that takes place outside a physical classroom. In our blog, learn more about distance learning at Bryant & Stratton College!

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  • Bryant & Stratton College Alumni Mia Collins poses with Blue the Bobcat at Graduation

    Health Services Administration Alumni Spotlight: Meet Mia Collins

    When Mia Collins started working in healthcare, she still felt like something was missing; a lack of education. B&SC was able to offer her the opportunity to earn her degree while maintaining her day-to-day obligations as a mom and military wife.

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  • Man looking at phone with social media apps surrounding him

    Celebrating National Social Media Day

    National Social Media Day is June 30! The creation and evolution of social media apps and sites have dramatically changed the way we live and communicate with others. In our blog, learn about the impact of social media and why this day is celebrated!

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  • People working together on a laptop making connections

    The Importance Of Making Connections During College

    Making connections in college is extremely important, as it can help you land a career in your desired field after graduation. If you are wondering how to make connections and why you should prioritize this, read our blog!

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