February 6, 2023

Healthcare Degrees You Can Earn Online for an Exciting Career

By B&SC Blog Team

Healthcare Degrees You Can Earn Online for an Exciting Career

When you want to work in the healthcare field, quality education is essential. If going to in-person college classes to earn a healthcare degree isn’t possible due to work or other commitments, you can earn your degree online. Online programs offer certain benefits you won’t get with an on-campus program. When you’re exploring career paths in healthcare and determining which healthcare degree you might need, consider choosing an online degree program. The following information can help you learn more about healthcare degrees you can get online.

Advantages of Online Degrees

Earning your degree online has some advantages compared to traditional degree programs. Online degree programs provide you with flexible scheduling since you won’t have to attend classes in person at specific times. With an online program, you can watch lectures at times that fit around your other commitments, such as family or work. Online degree programs can also help you develop strong time-management skills, so you can make sure you’re able to meet deadlines and complete assignments on time. Being in an online degree program might help you save money and earn your degree in a shorter amount of time, such as with an accelerated program.

Why Join the Field of Healthcare?

The healthcare field gives you a way to make a living by helping others. Whether you provide patient care as a nurse or handle medical billing and coding, you’ll be part of a field that offers essential services. Healthcare is also a field that’s experiencing a rise in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare occupations are expected to grow 16 percent between 2020 and 2030.* Other reasons to consider working in healthcare include a high amount of job satisfaction and careers that are available at every degree level. You can find job opportunities with a bachelor’s degree or advance your career with a master’s degree or certificate.

* Cited projections may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions and do not guarantee actual job growth.

Healthcare Degrees You Can Earn Online

When you want to earn a healthcare degree online, you’ll find several options to choose from. These are just some of the online degree programs you can pursue for a rewarding healthcare career.


If you already work as a registered nurse (RN), you can earn an online bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree. This degree can help you advance your nursing career or look for additional job opportunities in the field. Keep in mind that while having a BSN isn’t always required in order to work as an RN, many hospitals and healthcare offices prefer hiring those who have achieved this degree level. An online RN to BSN degree program gives you the flexibility to earn your degree while continuing to work full time as an RN.

If you are not yet a registered nurse (RN) or don’t have your associate degree in nursing (ADN), it may not be possible to start your nursing journey online. Most ADN/RN programs require clinical classes that must be done in person to ensure you learn the hands-on skills critical for nurses in the field.

Health Services

Health services degrees can provide you with the education and skills to start a healthcare career or advance to a leadership position. You could pursue bachelor’s or associate degrees in health services administration online. With an associate degree in health services administration, you can become a patient coordinator, support specialist, or program coordinator. A bachelor’s degree in health services administration prepares you for careers such as medical and health services manager, patient services representative, or social and community service manager.

Medical Billing and Coding

An online degree in medical billing and coding prepares you for a career handling the back-office side of healthcare rather than front-office patient care. Medical billing involves processing health insurance claims and following up on them as needed. Medical coding involves working with software programs to code patients’ medical records. With this type of degree, some of the jobs you can pursue include medical billing specialist, medical coding specialist, medical records coordinator, or medical insurance representative.

Medical Office Assistant

An online medical office assistant program teaches you the skills needed for an entry-level job as a front desk specialist, administrator, or similar occupation in the healthcare field. Through this kind of program, you’ll learn administrative and front office skills, such as managing records, scheduling appointments, and ensuring compliance with HIPAA standards when handling medical information. You can use this degree to begin your career in healthcare, then pursue an advanced online degree to move up to management if desired.

Other Areas in Healthcare

You can also find online degree programs in other areas of healthcare, such as health information management, which involves working with data. A health sciences degree prepares you for a career in health education or community health. Other areas that offer online degree programs include dental hygiene and public health.

What About Online Healthcare Certificates?

Online healthcare certificates also provide an option for training that can help you start a career in the healthcare field or advance in your current career. When you are unable to enter a two-year or four-year degree program due to other commitments or responsibilities, a healthcare certificate gives you a faster way to gain some knowledge and skills in a particular area. For example, you can earn an online healthcare certificate in medical coding, medical office technology, or healthcare management. Having a healthcare certificate might help you move up in your career at work through a promotion, or you might be able to begin a new career in this field.

Which Online Healthcare Degree Is Right for You?

The online healthcare degree that works best for you depends on your career interests and goals. If you have a strong interest in patient care, for example, a degree in nursing might be right for you. If you would rather work behind a desk or in allied health, a degree in medical billing and coding or medical office assistant might suit you better.

When choosing a healthcare degree, consider your overall goals for your career. You might choose a healthcare degree program whether you want to begin a new career or change careers. If you want to brush up on some of your skills or develop new ones, an online healthcare certificate might be a good option. Keep in mind that as a college graduate with a healthcare degree or certificate, you’ll have an edge over the competition in your field.

Start Your Journey Today

If you’re ready to explore online healthcare degrees and certificates, please contact Bryant & Stratton College today. We can provide you with details on our diploma and degree programs, such as our bachelor of science in health services administration, bachelor of science in nursing, and medical billing and coding diploma. Our school also offers online healthcare certificates, including a healthcare management certificate and medical coding certificate.

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