September 25, 2018

Beginning a Career in Human Resources

By B&SC Human Resources Team

Beginning a Career in Human Resources

When you enroll in the AAS in Human Resources program at Bryant & Stratton College, you’re taking an important step towards an exciting and versatile human resources career. Immediately after graduation from our program, students are eligible to apply for a variety of entry level HR positions, and are well on their way towards higher earnings and career advancement.

The first thing you want to do is learn a little more about the types of careers available as a new HR professional. Some of the jobs you will be qualified for include:

  • Human Resources Assistant – HR assistants work directly with their HR managers creating and managing confidential employee records. They are responsible for tracking wages, benefits, and retirement earnings, as well as keeping records on employee performance evaluations and reviews.
  • Human Resources Specialist – In addition to managing employee records, HR specialists have the opportunity to recruit and head hunt for future employees. This can take them all across the county, state, or even the country, attending job fairs and other career seminars on the lookout for good candidates.
  • Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks – This is a specialized area of HR. In addition to compiling and recording employee time sheet and payroll data, you may also record production and commission, deductions, and print the paychecks.
  • Office or personnel supervisors – Many of the most efficient office or personnel supervisors have a background in HR, giving them the skills they need to hire new employees, facilitate an efficient and healthy workplace dynamic, and conduct employee reviews.

Obtaining your AAS in human resources is a strong first step to a new career but there are other things you can do to jumpstart your career in human resources. These include:

  1. Attending job fairs. Make it a point to attend job and career fairs. In addition to seeing what you might do if you end up choosing a human resources career, you will also begin making contacts with others in the profession, which can help you later on when you are ready to apply for jobs.
  2. Honing your social networks. There are several reasons why honing your social networks is important. The first: there’s a good chance your prospective employers will use your social media accounts as a screening device. Secondly, your social media accounts provide a means for you to network. Make sure your LinkedIn account is up to date as this is one of the leading social media sites for professionals.
  3. Obtaining a relevant job. We understand that many of our students are already full-time employees, and looking for a change; it’s the reason they’re applying to Bryant & Stratton. If you have the opportunity, try to get an entry-level support job working with HR or an internship even before graduating. In addition to exposing yourself to a variety of different positions, you may be able to use your experience to fulfill some of your educational requirements.
  4. Getting certified. There are several professional certifications that can increase your appeal to future employers, in addition to boosting your knowledge and skill sets. These include certifications in:
  • Human Resources Management
  • Accounting
  • Microsoft, QuickBooks or other computer skills-oriented certificates

If you are interested in learning more about how you can prepare for a human resources career, contact the Admissions Office at Bryant & Stratton College. We offer degree programs and certifications in HR that will help you prepare for your dream job.

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