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What is the one resource every business needs to succeed? People. In every organization in every industry, companies need employees and leaders with the talent and skill to staff every department. From operations to management to marketing to administration to, yes, even HR departments, people are core to business. And those companies and employees need HR professionals to help enact policies, train new talent, negotiate benefits, and more.

If you’re ready learn what it takes to pursue an HR career, Bryant & Stratton College has the bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management you need to succeed in any company and every industry.

A BBA in Human Resources provides a foundation for a potential career in various industries

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32-40 months

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120 credit hours

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Sept 4

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Our Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources Management gives students the educational background necessary to pursue key HR positions and careers in nearly every aspect of the business field. As companies across a multitude of industries have the need for skilled human resources personnel, graduates have the opportunity to pursue career opportunities in human resources across a wide range of organizations. Whether in the non-profit field, the public sector, healthcare, manufacturing or many other professions, graduates will have the skills needed to pursue job opportunities in HR.

A diverse course load will introduce students to local, state and federal employment laws; ethical business practices; vital details in compensation and benefits; employee training; how to cultivate a positive company culture; initiate HR technology applications; staffing and other key administration skills. Whether they complete the bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management online or on-campus, graduates will possess the knowledge to effectively make strategic decisions to maximize organizational productivity and profitability through staffing, payroll, benefits and more.  

The Human Resources bachelor’s of business administration degree program is available for study with Bryant & Stratton College. The online Human Resources bachelor’s degree program follows the same outcomes and curriculum as the campus-based program with the added flexibility and convenience of an online program.

Where can you take this program?

Whether you prefer the vibrant atmosphere of on-campus classes, the convenience of online learning, or the flexibility of remote options, our degree programs are tailored to fit your lifestyle. Use our interactive map to explore the various campus locations where this degree program is offered.

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Program Outcomes

The BBA in Human Resources at Bryant & Stratton College provides students with the ability to:

Apply the principles of human resources management to organizational operations.

Apply leadership knowledge and skills to common workplace scenarios.

Develop human resources policies that include a code of ethics, sexual harassment, and diversity components.

Analyze human resources functions to apply them to individual and organizational goals to promote success.

Evaluate strategic compensation and benefits tactics to increase overall organizational productivity.

Stackable Solutions

Scalable to Your Career Level & Goals

Bryant & Stratton College designs skill-building programs to fit your needs. In addition to online, on-campus, and live remote learning options, our degree offerings are scalable and stackable. Whether seeking to jumpstart your career or advance your education we offer diploma, associate, and bachelor’s degrees to help you achieve your academic and career goals on your schedule.


SHRM-aligned program develops essential HR professional skills—from payroll and benefits to recruitment and retention.

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Program Format


Program Duration

  • 4-Years Full-Time Study


Learn to navigate HR operations, including HR law, benefits and payroll, hiring practices and managing compensation.

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Program Format


Program Duration

  • 2-Years Full-Time Study

Valuable Internship Experience

In addition to your classroom experience, we recognize the importance of real-world application. Through our partnership network, students are provided with opportunities to actively apply their learnings within their chosen field.


What can you do with a Bachelor’s in Human Resources?

Changing employment laws and the increasing complexity of modern business mean that human resources managers are in demand. A Human Resources bachelor’s degree can prepare you for this leadership role. Human resource managers create an essential link between leadership and employees as they plan, coordinate, and oversee business practices related to employee hiring, benefits and resources.

Accreditation & Associations

Bryant & Stratton College’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources has been recognized by the Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) as aligning with their HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates. That means our BBA in HR program is authorized to award professional development credits for SHRM members to count toward certification for SHRM Certified Professionals (SHRM-CP®) or SHRM Senior Certified Professionals (SHRM-SCP®).

The SHRM Certification and Recertification programs empower individuals and businesses to maximize human potential by elevating the HR profession. Through these certification programs, HR professionals are able to hone their skills and develop their knowledgebase, ensuring a high standard of human resource management. Upon successful completion of the certification exam, credential holders are required to recertify every three years by earning 60 professional development credits (PDCs) or retesting within the three-year cycle.

At Bryant & Stratton, our faculty and staff work with you to ensure you are earning the maximum PDCs possible as you earn your degree. Our BBA in HR aligns with one or more components outlined in the SHRM Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge™ (BASK™), the foundation of SHRM certification and recertification.

SHRM Accreditation
SHRM Recertification

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need to understand the ins and outs of human resources. The best way to do that is with the right education. At Bryant & Stratton College, we offer an Associate of Applied Sciences in Human Resources Specialist, on-campus and online, to help you gain the skills and earn the credential needed to pursue HR specialist employment opportunities.

For many organizations, a relevant associate-level degree can help you get your foot in the HR door. The Associate of Applied Sciences in Human Resources Specialist from Bryant & Stratton College is designed specifically to help you prepare for an HR generalist role. You’ll cover all the HR essentials, including hiring practices, employment law and ethics as well as managing compensation, benefits and payroll.

The right HR degree can help you prepare for success throughout your career. It will help you develop and refine skills for decision making, critical thinking, communication, people management and more. Use it to pursue relevant positions, from HR generalist to compensation specialist to training manager.

A human resource degree offers the insights, information, skills development and credential you’ll need to succeed in the HR department. It covers everything from labor laws and employee safety to benefits and compensation. Plus, it can help you build up your communication and leadership skills.

That depends on your goals. If you’re looking to get your foot in the door, a relevant associate degree program, such as the Associate of Applied Science in Human Resources Specialist from Bryant & Stratton College, can help you prepare for and thrive in the role of an HR generalist or specialist. If you want to take your HR career to the next level, you should look at a bachelor’s degree. Either way, we have the online and campus-based solutions you need to thrive.

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