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Why Choose an Online Associate Degree?

There is no doubt that a solid education is essential to launching and building a fulfilling career. Whether you are starting your career for the first time or considering a career change, fitting education into an already busy life can be quite a challenge. For that reason and others, a growing number of career-minded people are turning to the virtual classroom to get their education. Here we will outline some of the most important advantages of choosing an online associate degree as compared to the traditional, on-campus classroom experience.

Many students who are working to further their education to kick start a new career or advance an existing one choose an associate degree as a means of fast-tracking their career goals.

What is the benefit of an Associate’s degree?

Earning an associate degree offers a solid, college-level education – and the credentials to show for it – within 2 years for the full-time student. This allows students to begin establishing themselves in their chosen fields in half the time it would take to earn a bachelor degree.

If you are one of them, choosing an online associate degree program adds even more speed and efficiency to the process by giving you the opportunity to study in a virtual classroom, rather than reporting to an on-campus class. Studying in the virtual classroom can be done at any time of day or night and from the comfort of your own home, from work, or anywhere else that has an internet connection. That cuts out many time-consuming hassles that come with on-campus study. You won’t have to spend time driving to campus, finding a parking spot, walking to class, then repeating those steps in reverse. Less time wasted on commuting and other distractions frees more time to devote to your studies every day.

Additionally, since working online makes learning a more efficient process, enabling students to move through coursework more quickly, online associate degree programs are scheduled differently. By offering more semesters per year than campus-based programs can, online degree programs can help students significantly reduce the time it takes to earn an associate degree — without compromising the quality of their education.

Stackable program options to build toward your future career and eduction goals.

For many students who earn an associate degree with an eye towards establishing themselves quickly, that degree is just the first step. They also have an eye on the long-term, intending to continue on with their education to create opportunities to climb the career ladder. If this is your plan, and you intend move on to a 4-year degree once your career is launched, studying with Bryant & Stratton College online means that courses and credits from your associate-level education can be seamlessly transferred to related bachelor-level programs, giving you a head start on that next step in your career path.

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This approach ensures that you can embark on your educational journey at a time that suits you best, providing the convenience and accessibility necessary for a successful learning experience.

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